15 gpm IonPure Deionization Module IP-LXM30HI-3

Stock no. C-2609

IonPure Deionization Hot Water Sanitizable Module
Model no. IP-LXM30HI-3, serial no. 16486
Rated for 600 v DC, 10 amps. 15 gpm nominal capacity, 7.5 gpm min, 22.5 gpm max
Max. feed temperature is 140 deg F., 100 psi max. feed.
Silica removal is typically up to 98%.
Has approximate (2) 1/2″ and (2) 1.25″ side inlets
Approx. 21″ x 12″ x 24″ body, o/a 28″ long

We have (4) similar units available, one is slightly smaller model IP-LXM24HI-3
and 2 are comparable US Filter CDI LX units.

Came in with a Pall Pilot unit used in a Pharma operation.

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