Featured Items

Below find some New Arrivals and Featured items for February. Please keep watching our New Arrivals Page and keep us in mind for your Used Process Equipment needs. If we don’t have it, we may be able to locate it for you.

2000 gallon Sanitary 304 Stainless Steel Jacketed Tank

Stock no. E-4282
NB stamp, 100 psi jacket
7′ diameter x 6′ straight side
Stock no. A-5174
3000 gallon poly storage tank
closed top, water use
Stock no. A-5173
500 gallon Double Walled Poly storage tank
Stock no. A-5104
5500 gallon Poly tank High Density closed top
10 ft. diameter x 132 inch tall
Stock no. A-4010
1325 gallon Poly Tank
flat bottom, open top
Stock no. A-5083
1500 gallon poly storage tank
Stock no. A-5090 (2)

2,000 gallon, Fiberglass tanks, w/dished bottom, hinged lid. 1.5 specific gravity, 150 deg F

Stock No. A-4577 (2)
2,150 gallon Fiberglass Tank 7 ft. diameter x 90 inch flat bottom
Stock no. A-3014
2500 gallon Fiberglass tank
6 ft. diameter x 12 ft. flat bottom domed top
15,400 gallon Walker 304 Stainless Steel Tank

Stock no. A-5199

12′ diameter x 22′ o/a
Dished bottom & top 
Stock no. A-5182
3000 gallon 304 stainless steel dish bottom tank
Several portable stainless steel tanks Very Clean!
No. A-5150_280 gallon
No. A-5152_250 gallon (2)
No. A-5153_160 gallon
No. A-5162_180 gallon (3)
No. A-5165_150 gallon (2)
No. A-5170_130 gallon
Stock no. A-5105
2500 gallon Poly tank.
8 ft. diameter x 90 inch, flat bottom domed top
Stock no. A-5100
1300 gallon Insulated Poly Tank, flat bottom, closed top
Stock no. A-5113
850 gallon Poly Storage Tank
flat bottom domed top
Stock no. A-5087
5,000 gallon cone bottom fiberglass tanks.(3) available
Stock no. A-4559
2,000 gallon Fiberglass Tank
dished bottom, flat top
12,900 gallon Walker 304 Stainless Steel Tank

Stock no. A-5200
12′ diameter x 19′
Dished bottom & top

Stock no. A-5202
26 gallon/100 liter 316L stainless steel dished bottom tank w/clamp on lid
Stock no. A-5185
500 gallon cone bottom stainless steel tank, closed top
Stock no. A-5186
316 stainless steel 340 gallon cone bottom tank, closed top
Stock no. A-5183 (2)
300 gallon heavy walled stainless steel open top tanks
Great for dispersion tanks 
Stock no. E-4258
15 gallon 316L SS Reactor, FV/50 psi 100 psi jacket
Stock nos. E-4223
& E-4222

30, and 15 gallon 316L SS reactors w/ air mixers. 100 psi
Stock no. E-4193 Pfaudler 100 gallon stainless steel reactor. Vacuum/55 psi

Stock no. E-4214 Pfaudler 30 gallon Stainless steel reactor. FV/45 psi, 650 F.

400 gallon Stainless Steel Double Motion Jacketed Kettle Processor
Stock no. E-4283
Chester Jensen Cooker Cooler
Model X70N40
Stock no. E-4268
170 gallon stainless steel jacketed tank/kettle (8)
Stock no. E-4263
80 gallon stainless steel jacketed Kettle Tank (8)
Stock no. E-4280
100 gallon stainless steel jacketed Kettle Tank (2)
Stock no. E-4229
280 gallon ss jacketed tanks dished bottom, (4) in stock
Stock no. E-4249
225 gallon Polished Stainless Steel Pressure Tank 66 psi NB stamped
Stock no. E-4260

Stainless Fab 120 gallon Polished Stainless Steel Jacketed Tank 120 psi @ 350 F jacket. (2)

Stock no. E-4240
625 gallon stainless steel
plate coil jacketed tank
Waukesha Sanitary Stainless Steel Displacement Pumps
Waukesha 06 to 220 models Also Viking 1″, 1.5″, and 4″ sizes & Other assorted mfg.’s

Stock no. B-4038
37 cf Rietz Double Ribbon Blender, polished food grade stainless steel, dual 10 Hp
Stock no. B-4026
Paul O’Abbe Stainless Steel jacketed lab ribbon blender XP
 Stock no. B-4020
250 gallon Stainless Steel
Reactor w/sweep & disperser.Vacuum & jacketed.
2nd unit 
with homogenizer mixer
Stock no. E-4218
Lee Metal 100 gallon stainless steel kettle
100 psi jacket
Stock no. A-5143

110 gallon Polished SS coned bottom tank

Stock no. E-4250
55 gallon ss keg/drum rated for 36 psi. (3) available

Stock no. P-2942
Stokes 140H-S 1.5 Hp Vacuum Pump

Stock no. P-2897
3 inch sanitary SS Moyno Pump, 10 Hp

Stock nos. G-3684, G-3687, & G-3690 Drum Fillers

Stock no. C-2369
Micro Pulverizer
model SH Bronze
Excellent! Stock no. G-3704 (2)Micro Motion Sensors

 Stock no. G-3741
Electric power washer
30 Kw, 460 volt Sioux

Stock no. C-2679
3-basket filter housing with 3″ fittings. Epoxy coated steel
Plate type 35 to 695 sq. ft.
up to 8″ fittings
1″ to 3″  in assorted sizes & material