Kinney KLRC 300 Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump 25 Hp

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Kinney KLRC 300 Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

model KLRC300-KFA2 Compound Liquid Ring Pump constructed with stainless steel impellers, stainless steel shaft, and cast iron casing and endplates.

Equipped with the following:

Direct driven at 1750 rpm through a flexible coupling by a 25 HP Premium Efficiency TEFC motor, 3/60/230-460 volt.

Mechanical seals with Viton O-rings to isolate the process side from the grease lubricated bearings.

Mounted at the inlet would be a manual ball valve, swing check valve, vacuum relief valve, and 0-30 inch vacuum dial gauge.

A FSR (Full Sealant Recovery) system for recirculation of the sealant liquid.

Stainless steel tank. Heat exchanger. Just in!

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