445 gallon Stainless Steel Closed Tank

Stock no. A-5676 (2)

445 gallon Stainless Steel Closed Tank
45.75 inch diameter x 61.25 inch straight side and 62.5 inch middle depth
Slight dished bottom, closed top with an 18 inch hinged lid top manway
Has (2) 3 inch bottom outlets, 3 inch side inlet, 2.5 inch side outlet, all tri-clamp
Has (2) 2.5 inch tri-clamp top inlets and one threaded. Also a 1/2 inch side threaded
On 3 legs, 12 inch ground to bottom outlet, 78 inch overall height.
This one was for water recirculating, second was for acid wash.

(2) similar available

Second one has extra top 2.5 inch  + 1/4 inch tri-clamp along with a 2 inch pipe
Also extra 2.5 inch tri-clamp side outlet and extra 3/4 inch side threaded fitting


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